NASA LOX Tank Transportation System on Goldhofer Trailer - Stennis Space Center
NASA LOX Tank Transportation System - Stress Analysis - 3G Longitudinal
NASA LOX Tank Transportation System on Railcars
NASA LOX Tank Transportation System - Stress Analysis - 3G Longitudinal
NASA LOX Tank at A-3 Rocket Test Stand - Stennis Space Center
Boeing / Airbus Insulator
75' Horizontal Boring Machine - CNC Redesign & Retrofit
Professionally Engineered Solutions


Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company needing short or long-term technical expertise or a small business with a great idea but no practical knowledge of how to bring it to market, I can give you the level of support you need.

Existing designs for:

     NASA
    Boeing (747, 777)
    Airbus (A340, A380)
    Gulfstream (G-Series)
    Monster Cable (M-Audio)
    General Motors
    And more…

My core experience includes all phases and aspects of designing, developing, testing, certifying, manufacturing and bringing new products to market. I have extensive experience in improving existing products and processes as well.

If you already have a great product, let me help you put a Quality System in place or get the certification you need to meet your new or existing customer’s requirements. Whether AS9100 / QS9000 / ISO-9000 or Mil-Spec. I can help.

Years of world travel and personal interaction have helped me develop a network of resources and partners around the globe that will enable you to deliver a higher quality product at lower cost and help you become more profitable.

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Production Centra Speaker - $3,500.00 / pair
Centra Home Theater Speaker Design
Centra Home Theater Speaker - Extrusion Detail
Fire Alarm & Suppression System - United Founder's Tower
United Founders Tower - Oklahoma City, OK